How to Report Abusive Sentence

You can do the following to avoid unpleasant exprience due to abusive sentence.

1. How to report in SimSimi app

The best way to report abusive content or spam in the chat room is by using the speech bubble itself.

  To report a speech bubble:
    1. Click a speech bubble what you want to report.
    2. Tap 'Report'.
    3. Select a category for your report and follow the on-screen instructions.
     - If you select 'Immediately delete from SimSimi's memory', the phrase will be deleted. (only for android)
    4. Please input the most problematic word/phrase in the sentence you reported.

2. Unable to report in SimSimi app

You can report abusive content through this link : Report Badword (click)
If you report bad sentences to us, SimSimi can speak more appropriately with your help.