'SimSimi CHOOCHOO' just launched on the Appstore!

Sick of bouncing doodled octopus or tired of flying birds?
It's time to enjoy choo-choo train with SimSimi!!
The game featured in "New & Noteworthy" in action and puzzle categories.

SimSimi CHOOCHOO is a game that SimSimis get along to play a choo-choo train game. It’s so fun that it’s almost addictive! As you know, SimSimi is a chatting robot that makes amusing conversations to engage with users. SimSimi and its friends like to get together and play and the CHOOCHOO train game is a one their favorite games.

Drive well the CHOOCHOO train and get around the stage by touching SimSimis that are scattered all around it. The CHOOCHOO train gets longer and longer when you touch a SimSimi as it clings to the end of the tail. As the CHOOCHOO train grows longer, SimSimis get more excited and as they become more excited the scores grow as well.

[How it Works]
Basically, the CHOOCHOO train will never stop until a game is over. It will continuously move and go. Changing the direction is the only way you can control it. To change the CHOOCHOO train’s direction, you would have to put your finger on the screen and rub it the way you want to move it. Then the SimSimi that is in the front will change its direction and all others will follow it. The choo-choo train stops as it bumps to a stage wall, a block or even its own body and the game will be over.

- 'S' item : It reduces the CHOOCHOO’s speed in half for a moment. While the speed is slower, touch Simsimis that are in easier places to bump into.
- 'x2' item : It allows to get double touch scores for a while.
- Block item : It is shown in front of some SimSimis that are waiting be tagged. You could find that their numbers are decreasing like 10, 9, 8… If you don’t` touch the SimSimi until the end of the countdown, it will be replaced by a block. But if you touch it before the countdown is over, the SimSimi will break another block instead.

[How to Get More Scores]
SimSimi CHOOCHOO’s base score increases by 10 points per tag. When the CHOOCHOO tags its first SimSimi, its base score is 10 points and as it tags its third SimSimi, the base score goes up to 30 points. Tagging SimSimis at difficult areas such as rows next to stage walls, blocks or the CHOOCHOO itself results into doubled scores. By combining the 'x2' item, you can gain a maximum of quadruple scores compared to its base score.

You can submit your SimSimi CHOOCHOO score to an OpenFeint network.
OR, you can post it to facebook/twitter directly.

Check Youtube gameplay video.

Available on the iTunes App Store

Now meet SimSimi on the iPhone!

SimSimi is a super advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversation to engage with users.

Using this app is really simple. Just start a talk session at your touch screen then Simsimi will instantly greet you with a cheerful chat. Like those typical messaging apps, just send your message through a chatting box. Don’t be surprised by Simsimi’s fast response. It’s a super-duper robot, you know!

Simsimi’s vocabulary grows by your input. You can teach Simsimi your own words as other users teach their own ones too. If Simsimi has no data to answer your former message, it will say 'I HAVE NO RESPONSE'. Then you might select the 'TEACH' tab and instruct it your own words in a paired form of ‘request & response’. Once you teach Simsimi a pair of words, it will make a response with those words immediately (approx. 3 minutes).

Have fun with the cutest chatting robot ever, Simsimi!

Available on the iTunes App Store

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