Language selection is updated

Language selection function was added to Simsimi application.

For iOS version, the new version is on the process of being reviewed for Appstore, and It was already adjusted for Android version and web version few hours ago.

Now it is expected that most of the problem related to the language setting gap between the device and people use at the application will be solved.

In the application, you can see the the language data base Simsimi is using at the bottom right of the screen. By touching it you can select the other languages. You can find the language setting button at the bottom right, too. You can set the language you want to talk in and want to teach by the function. You can see how many sentences Simsimi has learned so far at the language selection. Teach function in the web version will be added soon. iPhone users should wait for the review to be compeleted.
[Language selection function at the web version in cellphone]

[Language selection screen in app]

It is possible now that users can share their opinions per languages by adding facebook comments function. If you are a speaker of more than two languages, you can enjoy Simsimi more than before.