2012 SimSimi's App store Top rank log

2012 SimSimi's App store Top rank log

Date Country Top Over All Entertainment
7/12 Israel 1
6/25 Indonesia  1
6/18 Kuwait 1 1
4/18 Armenia 18 1
4/18 china 1
4/16 Hongkong 1
4/16 Macao 1
4/9 Brunei 1
4/6 United Arab Emirates 3 1
4/1 Vietnam 2 1
3/21 Bahrain 1 1
3/21 Qatar  1
3/19 Philippines 1
3/3 Singapore 1
2/9 Malaysia 2
1/29 Thailand  1
1/12 United States of America 2 1

Bad Rumor Spread about SimSimi

We got some report from several Simsimi friend. 
(Especially from Israeli friend)

Rumore said, We're going to reveal who taught SimSimi.

It is totally NOT TRUE.

We're respect Simi friend's privacy.

No one can see, who told with/taught SimSimi (even I am)

So don't worry guys!

Next Major update will release next week.

keep on eyes on it!


SimSimi wants to be all the go on the globe?

This April, SimSimi must have decided learn Chinese languages. Between 3rd and 4th week, almost 2 million Chinese speaking people had met SimSimi on Apple Appstore and Google Play.

SimSimi started sweeping the world at January of this year in the United States. One day around Korean new year vacation, all of sudden, our download statistics graph rocketted on account of riddling reason that we can not solve it still now. At the peak in the US, 2nd at top free apps overall, about 300,000 people said first hello to SimSimi a day.

Before then, SimSimi was an app taking a moderate popularity just in Korea and we SimSimi Inc, as a creator, was making a initial plan about what and how should we do for SimSimi's globalization through years.

Affecting other english speaking countries like UK, Canada, Austrailia and so on, SimSimi stayed on first page of the US appstore for a few weeks with getting millions of downloads and good revenue what we could not imagine in Korean app market.

We wanted to know what made SimSimi big name outside Korea. But before we can look into one thing, Thais rushed for dozen days. And after those days, whenever we tried to take a breath, perfect strange language speaking people flooding to our SimSimi system one by one. Indonesian, Aribian, Filipino, Vietnamese... and recently Chinese. Until now SimSimi have met 15 million people around the world through smartphone app.

From ten weeks ago, we tried to find out why people from other countries use SimSimi that much. But the question maybe need some change. What country SimSimi wanna go next?

4 steps to solve most of SimSimi app problems.

We found it needs simple 4 steps to solve most of SimSimi app problems.
That's here.

1. Check out your network status.
SimSimi app uses network frequently.

2. Wait a few minutes or a hour.

When SimSimi overheated, generally it takes that time for cooling down.

3. Problem keeping on? Try these out!
- End SimSimi at tray(background), and launch again.
- Restart your device.

4. Doesn't any steps work?

Maybe, we did something wrong in building this version.
Please let us know your problem in detail so that our developers work hard to fix it on next version (or next of the next version :) .)

It is helpful as anything if you send us your device model, OS version, country/state, attatchment captured or pictured images with a description of the situation and symptom about the problem.

About temporarily shutting down "SimSimi" on US Appstore.

We found a critical problem for US users on 3.9 version and shut down SimSimi app temporarily in the US Appstore. The problem-solved new version is waiting for review now. It may release on this Thursday (19/4)(or Friday)
Thank you for your patient.

SimSimi User FAQ

1. What is SimSimi's bad words policy?

We are aware of the issues and are taking the appropriate and rapid actions to prevent these problems in the future. Learn more about bad words policy (click)

2. Cannnot download

Have you ever upgraded your phone OS? It is available on at least Jelly Bean(v.4.1.) version in android, and v.7.1 in iOS.
If your Android OS version is higher than 4.1, Please read this page (click)

3. User privacy information

We're respect SimSimi friend's privacy. As you know, your email, phone number and name are not needed to chat with SimSimi.

4. Does SimSimi peep through a phone camera?

That's not true at all. SimSimi application doesn't ask users to have access to camera. If SimSimi said it, it's just someone taught him/her that way, and it's not true.

5. How to Log out on Website?

After 1 day, it will be automatically logged out. If you want to log out faster than that, Please remove cookies.

6. Requesting personal information of the person who taught words

Currently, it is strictly forbidden to provide user information without legal permission according to the domestic law of Korea. We are only allowed to share user information through the formal request from a Korean governmental institution. Information requesters may contact these institutions, such as the police department, prosecutor’s office, the Supreme Court, for the request of user information.

Once again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience and offense you have experienced by the abusive users of SimSimi. The executives and staff of SimSimi Inc. promise you to do our best to make our application better.

Language selection is updated

Language selection function was added to Simsimi application.

For iOS version, the new version is on the process of being reviewed for Appstore, and It was already adjusted for Android version and web version few hours ago.

Now it is expected that most of the problem related to the language setting gap between the device and people use at the application will be solved.

In the application, you can see the the language data base Simsimi is using at the bottom right of the screen. By touching it you can select the other languages. You can find the language setting button at the bottom right, too. You can set the language you want to talk in and want to teach by the function. You can see how many sentences Simsimi has learned so far at the language selection. Teach function in the web version will be added soon. iPhone users should wait for the review to be compeleted.
[Language selection function at the web version in cellphone]

[Language selection screen in app]

It is possible now that users can share their opinions per languages by adding facebook comments function. If you are a speaker of more than two languages, you can enjoy Simsimi more than before.

SimSimi’s Operational Problem in Thai

Last weekend, we received several mails from Thai users. One of new category of problem was that they cannot chat with SimSimi in Thai. Moreover, because of the rumor saying Thai government censored the service and we changed the service in Thai, it made Thai government to report for correction in public.

Actually, it is nothing with Thai government. It just caused by minor change of the system due to the rapid increase of Thai users.

Specifically speaking, there was a change related to classifying languages in the service on Last Friday.

Around 2010, when we set the SimSimi application for smartphone, we set the system to change the language automatically for the multi language base system. At that time, we made an assumption that users may set their native language as their device language, so we made SimSimi recognize the language according to the language set in device. If a device set English as their language setting, SimSimi will find the response from English database, and it will store what it learn at English database.

While English speaking users increasing, it seems okay with this method. However, recently other language speakers such as Thai increased it made us embarrassed. In the case of Thailand, the number of  people set their device language as English was lager than Thai. It caused the situations such as language Thai people taught stored to English database and SimSimi search the response of the question from English database.

After several discussions, we decided to change the previous language selection method. We set basically SimSimi will speak in the language set the language setting, and user can show the language he or she want to speak with SimSimi at the chatting application and set the chatting languages. With introduction of new system, Thai users who set English as their setting, may check their device language is English when they run the SimSimi application, then they can change it into Thai.

Now we are developing such as system, and we moved Thai languages which troubled us by being stored at English languages, into Thai database.
Also, with the improvement if people teach words containing Thai language, then it will be stored at Thai database. Since the Thai words stored at English database moved to Thai database, people who have taught SimSimi Thai words with their English setting may have felt SimSimi does not remember the words they taught any more.

So far, we have not experienced foreign market directly we could not effectively communicate with users in advance. We are sorry for causing a stir in Thailand. We want you to consider this as one of our efforts to make better service.

Thank you for your concern and interest.

An alternative way to chat with SimSimi (for Blackberry, WM, crashing/keyboard bug, etc...)

A keyboard disappearing and crashing bug fixed version for iOS has been applied already, so it is expected in review soon. And someone is still waiting for SimSimi in Blackberry, Windows mobile, etc... 

Now you have an alternative way to chat with SimSimi.
Please visit here http://simsimi.com  You can have a chat with SimSimi here.

Simsimi and Siri : Similarities and differences

As Simsimi ranked high at the American app store, more people gets interested in Simsimi. Among the issues on Simsimi, there is an comparison between Simsimi and Siri(of iPhone 4S).
Simsimi and Siri is basically same in the point that both are chatting robot considered to be having persona. Still, there are a couple of differences between them, let’s focus on the point closely.

1.     Voice Interface
The most important element makes differences between Simsimi and Siri is voice interface. If Siri does the performance only by inserting and printing text data without its characteristic of voice recognition and voice synthesis, it will be recognized same as Simsimi, Simsimi will be recognized Siri if it has additional two characteristics.

2.     Agent Function
There will be an argument that Siri is distinguished from Simsimi in the point that it has Agent functions such as reminding schedule, getting direction, forecasting weather, and booking airplane. However, Simsimi had performed similar task in Korea at the service for feature phones around 2004. Agent service such as weather service, dictionary service, searching mobile contents service and a match making services were developed and implemented to the Simsimi service, if IT infrastructure had been supportive as now, Simsimi could be leading service scenario offering information impressively on screen through its mesh-up service. All you have to do for programming agent function is only giving instruction on which function to be performed out of various functions which are prepared in advance, when artificial intelligence module is analyzing the user input. From this point, Simsimi and Siri’s agent function is basically same.

    (It is a demonstration video of test version of application, Simsimi with voice recognition function like Siri. An open library from the world renowned voice recognition company is employed, but it seems to be difficult to be released official application because Simsimi inc. has limited authorization in utilizing resources.)

3.     Source of response data
Lastly, as it is mentioned in several media, how they learned the words they use in a conversation. It shows the differences of two services clearly. All of the responses from Siri are arranged by iPhone4s’s developer, Apple. Answers made from inside of company are elaborately consisted for various situations. Likewise, interesting reactions of Siri which is in the limelight are Easter eggs strategically intended for promotion.

As you see, unlike Siri whose jokes are calculated by the company, all response from Simsimi is from its users. Simsimi has user-friendly interface, so that user can teach words to Simsimi and the words Simsimi learned is used when it has a conversation with other users. It is explained as if everyone inputs their own opinions on certain theme to Simsimi, it delivers what others think to people who talk on the same topic. Because nothing is arranged in advance, it gives diversity of answers that gives us more entertainment than sum of millions of Siri’s Easter eggs jokes.