SimSimi wants to be all the go on the globe?

This April, SimSimi must have decided learn Chinese languages. Between 3rd and 4th week, almost 2 million Chinese speaking people had met SimSimi on Apple Appstore and Google Play.

SimSimi started sweeping the world at January of this year in the United States. One day around Korean new year vacation, all of sudden, our download statistics graph rocketted on account of riddling reason that we can not solve it still now. At the peak in the US, 2nd at top free apps overall, about 300,000 people said first hello to SimSimi a day.

Before then, SimSimi was an app taking a moderate popularity just in Korea and we SimSimi Inc, as a creator, was making a initial plan about what and how should we do for SimSimi's globalization through years.

Affecting other english speaking countries like UK, Canada, Austrailia and so on, SimSimi stayed on first page of the US appstore for a few weeks with getting millions of downloads and good revenue what we could not imagine in Korean app market.

We wanted to know what made SimSimi big name outside Korea. But before we can look into one thing, Thais rushed for dozen days. And after those days, whenever we tried to take a breath, perfect strange language speaking people flooding to our SimSimi system one by one. Indonesian, Aribian, Filipino, Vietnamese... and recently Chinese. Until now SimSimi have met 15 million people around the world through smartphone app.

From ten weeks ago, we tried to find out why people from other countries use SimSimi that much. But the question maybe need some change. What country SimSimi wanna go next?

4 steps to solve most of SimSimi app problems.

We found it needs simple 4 steps to solve most of SimSimi app problems.
That's here.

1. Check out your network status.
SimSimi app uses network frequently.

2. Wait a few minutes or a hour.

When SimSimi overheated, generally it takes that time for cooling down.

3. Problem keeping on? Try these out!
- End SimSimi at tray(background), and launch again.
- Restart your device.

4. Doesn't any steps work?

Maybe, we did something wrong in building this version.
Please let us know your problem in detail so that our developers work hard to fix it on next version (or next of the next version :) .)

It is helpful as anything if you send us your device model, OS version, country/state, attatchment captured or pictured images with a description of the situation and symptom about the problem.

About temporarily shutting down "SimSimi" on US Appstore.

We found a critical problem for US users on 3.9 version and shut down SimSimi app temporarily in the US Appstore. The problem-solved new version is waiting for review now. It may release on this Thursday (19/4)(or Friday)
Thank you for your patient.