The SimSimi team asks Brazilian users for help.

  We SimSimi Team, excluded Brazil from the SimSimi app publishing country today (April 20 (UTC +09: 00)). As a result, Brazilian smartphone users will no longer be able to download the SimSimi app from the Play Store / App Store. This is inevitable because the SimSimi app, at least for the last few days, has had a significant negative social impact in Brazil.

  We found a growing discontent with SimSimi apps in Brazil two days ago, and from a day ago we started to see news stories. Based on the limited amount of Brazilian news we have seen through Google search (and through Google translation), it seems that some Brazilian users have recently been teaching malicious answers to SimSimi. The main class of these answers is the threat of crime, such as murder and kidnapping, of children and their families.

  This type of abuse is unprecedented and Brazil will be excluded from the SimSimi app publishing country until we believe we have enough control over this new type of abuse.

  We do not yet have enough information for proper response, mainly due to language barriers. The key information we need to address this issue is the inappropriate sentences and translations that Portuguese users have experienced in connection with this issue. The more information you have, the better. Anyone of the Portuguese SimSimi users will be able to provide us with the information we need.

 ## Link : Report threatening words to the SimSimi team

  We are a micro-sized team in South Korea and are able to communicate in Korean and English.