SimSimi’s Operational Problem in Thai

Last weekend, we received several mails from Thai users. One of new category of problem was that they cannot chat with SimSimi in Thai. Moreover, because of the rumor saying Thai government censored the service and we changed the service in Thai, it made Thai government to report for correction in public.

Actually, it is nothing with Thai government. It just caused by minor change of the system due to the rapid increase of Thai users.

Specifically speaking, there was a change related to classifying languages in the service on Last Friday.

Around 2010, when we set the SimSimi application for smartphone, we set the system to change the language automatically for the multi language base system. At that time, we made an assumption that users may set their native language as their device language, so we made SimSimi recognize the language according to the language set in device. If a device set English as their language setting, SimSimi will find the response from English database, and it will store what it learn at English database.

While English speaking users increasing, it seems okay with this method. However, recently other language speakers such as Thai increased it made us embarrassed. In the case of Thailand, the number of  people set their device language as English was lager than Thai. It caused the situations such as language Thai people taught stored to English database and SimSimi search the response of the question from English database.

After several discussions, we decided to change the previous language selection method. We set basically SimSimi will speak in the language set the language setting, and user can show the language he or she want to speak with SimSimi at the chatting application and set the chatting languages. With introduction of new system, Thai users who set English as their setting, may check their device language is English when they run the SimSimi application, then they can change it into Thai.

Now we are developing such as system, and we moved Thai languages which troubled us by being stored at English languages, into Thai database.
Also, with the improvement if people teach words containing Thai language, then it will be stored at Thai database. Since the Thai words stored at English database moved to Thai database, people who have taught SimSimi Thai words with their English setting may have felt SimSimi does not remember the words they taught any more.

So far, we have not experienced foreign market directly we could not effectively communicate with users in advance. We are sorry for causing a stir in Thailand. We want you to consider this as one of our efforts to make better service.

Thank you for your concern and interest.