SimSimi User FAQ

1. What is SimSimi's bad words policy?

We are aware of the issues and are taking the appropriate and rapid actions to prevent these problems in the future. Learn more about bad words policy (click)

2. Cannnot download

Have you ever upgraded your phone OS? It is available on at least Jelly Bean(v.4.1.) version in android, and v.7.1 in iOS.
If your Android OS version is higher than 4.1, Please read this page (click)

3. User privacy information

We're respect SimSimi friend's privacy. As you know, your email, phone number and name are not needed to chat with SimSimi.

4. Does SimSimi peep through a phone camera?

That's not true at all. SimSimi application doesn't ask users to have access to camera. If SimSimi said it, it's just someone taught him/her that way, and it's not true.

5. How to Log out on Website?

After 1 day, it will be automatically logged out. If you want to log out faster than that, Please remove cookies.

6. Requesting personal information of the person who taught words

Currently, it is strictly forbidden to provide user information without legal permission according to the domestic law of Korea. We are only allowed to share user information through the formal request from a Korean governmental institution. Information requesters may contact these institutions, such as the police department, prosecutor’s office, the Supreme Court, for the request of user information.

Once again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience and offense you have experienced by the abusive users of SimSimi. The executives and staff of SimSimi Inc. promise you to do our best to make our application better.