Friday, January 31, 2014


[SimSimi X Artists project. 5] SimSimi X VooDoo

#3 KNOW. 易地思之

易 means to change, 地 represents the earth, 思 means to think, and 之 means to go. As a Chinese idiom, this phrase means to think in the view of the other person. 

This is the only shortcut to the world peace and a way to live a life of you, me, and us.

#3 KNOW. VooDoo

The word Voodoo originated from Vodun, and generally called as Voodooism. Vodun is a West African word that represents soul or spirit and there are over 60 million followers around the world. Currently, the West Indies (especially Haiti) and Southern America (especially Louisiana) have most Voodooism followers. 

Actually, there is no act of piercing needles to the demon spirited dolls in Voodooism. Many stories of zombies and Voodoo dolls are the wrong portraits of Voodooism by Westerners’ novels and Hollywood movies. Voodoo dolls are known to be originated from a clothed wooden doll, Boccio which was carried hidden inside the bosom. This doll was made to treat people by collecting energy.  

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